David and Abigail

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 092
1 Samuel 25:14 - 1 Samuel 25:44

Bad Nabal had a wife named Abigail.
A servant came an said, Nabal's fixin' to fail.

You know about David, how he gave us protection.
Well I don't think he'll savor mister Nabal's rejection.

Abbey's servant was right. David gathered to fight.
But Abbey didn't wait until morning light.

She readied her donkeys and servants in haste.
Corn, meat and bread, and wine all placed,

with raisins and figs on donkey's backs.
Told her servants you boys better make some tracks.

We need to meet David before he meets us,
or we'll all be gettin' thrown under the bus.

So David with his army came round the bend,
and there they met Abbey saying, lets put an end,

to this talk of war. I'm bad Nabal's wife.
David saw her and said, you just saved his life.

David turned back from war. Abigail went home.
And there was bad Nabal, and he wasn't alone.

He was having a feast like the feast of a king.
With all he was drinking, he'd remember not a thing.

She waited 'till morning, said, Nabal, you're bad.
You insulted Mr. David and made him real mad.

If it wasn't for me he'd have taken your life,
while you threw a big party not inviting your wife.

Nabal realized his error. Guess it gave him a stroke.
He became like a stone. He was ready to croak.

And ten days later, Nabal did pass away.
Meanness never pays off at the end of the day.

The word came to David that Nabal was dead.
It wasn't David's hand. God punished Nabal instead.

Abigail was alone. She was lovely and wise.
A fact not hid from young David's eyes.

Humble Abbey said I'll serve you the rest of my life.
But David asked her to marry. She became his wife.

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