David and Nabal

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 091
1 Samuel 25:1 - 1 Samuel 25:13

Now after these things old Samuel died.
As you can imagine all Israel cried.

They buried him. Then David turned
to the land of Paran. Where a favor he earned.

You see Nabal had goats and thousands of sheep,
with shepherds who all his flocks would keep.

Why with all those lambs some would surely die.
There were thieves and bears and wolves that were sly.

But David was camped with his six hundred men.
They protected the shepherds and flocks and then,

at the end of the year, shepherds counted the cost.
They were all so amazed. Not a sheep was lost.

Yes David and his men saved every last one.
What would Nabal reward him for the good he had done?

So David asked Nabal for some food for his dues.
Was Nabal real grateful, or would he refuse?

You won't believe it. What I'm saying is so.
David asked for some food and Nabal said no!

Nabal's servants were shocked. After all David's done.
Not a sheep from our master, not even just one?

While the servants were stunned, ole David was mad.
He was ready to fight. This was going down bad.

What would happen to Nabal and all of his men?
We are gonna find out. This isn't the end.

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