David Spares Saul Again

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 093
1 Samuel 26:1 - 1 Samuel 26:25

The Ziphites came and informed Saul, David's hiding in a hill.
In the land of Ziph. Now here's the chance for you to make your kill.

Hadn't Saul already been through this? Hadn't David spared Saul's life?
Would Saul again hunt David down or would he end this strife?

Ah, yes. That day Saul chose a troop. Three thousand hand picked men.
He led them forth to battle hunting David once again.

They set up came about their king to protect Saul in the night.
But David slipped into their midst, killing Saul without a fight...

...would now be more than easy. He lay there fast asleep.
While David and his soldier, crept up without a peep.

Lets kill him now, said Abishai. With the spear that's at his side.
God has given you your enemy. It's about time that he died.

Oh, no. Do not destroy God's king. God will do so in His time.
Instead, David said, we'll take his spear, and up that hill we'll climb.

In the morning when the king awoke with all his mighty men.
David from afar called down to him. Saul, I've spared you once again.

Where is Abner who protects the king? I could have killed him in the night.
I could have run him through with his own spear and that without a fight.

You ought to die ole' Abner. You slept without a clue.
I have Saul's spear here in my hand, and his water bottle too.

David said to Saul, you hunt for me like a partridge in the field.
I'm like a flea, and yet you march with sword and spear and shield.

Saul lifted up his voice and cried, I've sinned. I've done you wrong.
God bless you David now my son. It is God who's made you strong.

You will do great things. You shall prevail. Saul turned back to his home.
But David still did not trust Saul. In Philistia, he'd roam.

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