David Runs From Saul

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 088
1 Samuel 20:1 - 1 Samuel 20:42

King Saul, he envied David. This left David quite perplexed.
What have I done, David said to Saul's son? Your father, what will he do next?

Jonathan replied to David, I will find out my father's intents.
If he wishes to kill you I'll warn you, but to harm you just does not make sense.

I'll return with my bow and arrows. I'll bring a young boy with me.
If you need to go, I'll shoot far with my bow, and warn you to rise up and flee.

In two days Saul asked at dinner, where is David, he's supposed to attend?
With his family. I gave him permission, said Jonathan. I am his friend.

This made Saul so angry he cursed and he swore. I'll kill him, Saul said to his son.
But Jonathan's reply was why should he die? There is nothing wrong that he's done.

Saul threw his javelin at Jonathan. But he missed once again like before.
Jonathan arose and stormed from the room, as the javelin fell to the floor.

Then Jonathan went to warn David. He gave him the sign with his bow.
In case others came so that they could not meet, by the sign still David would know.

But when the lad left Jonathan was alone, so he got to see David that day.
They kissed and they hugged and they pledged to be friends. Then David had to run away.

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