David Flees To Adullam

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 089
1 Samuel 21:1 - 1 Samuel 22:23

Then David came to Nob, to Ahimelek the priest.
When he saw David coming he was afraid to say the least.

David said I come in secret. On a mission for the king.
But we need some food and weapons. For we did not bring a thing.

As a priest I have some shewbread, but it's holy for the Lord.
We'll take it all said David, and do you have a sword?

There is one here. You know it well.
For by your hand the giant fell.

Goliath's sword. You made him fall.
David took the sword and ran from Saul.

To the land of Gath and Achish king,
but his servants said we've heard them sing.

Saul slew his thousands while at war,
but David slew ten thousands more.

What would Achish do, this king of Gath,
knowing David here had crossed his path?

This made David fear, so he played the fool.
Like a crazy man he dripped his drool.

The king said get this beast away from me.
Why would I want him? The man's crazy.

David fled to Adullam's cave and then,
he was joined by his brothers and four hundred men.

From there they went to Judah and that's when King Saul heard,
David's been discovered, and no one said a word.

Then Doeg spoke up, the Edomite.
I saw him with the priest. I knew something wasn't right.

Ahimelek the priest gave him bread and a sword,
and to help David out. He inquired of the Lord.

That made Saul mad so he called to him the priest.
Said why did you help David? Could have sent me word at least.

Why do you want to harm him what evil has he done?
David hasn't been a traitor he's as faithful as a son.

Now Saul was really angry. Said Ahimelek you'll die.
Told his servants, kill the priests, but each one said no not I.

Then Doeg, evil Doeg went up and drew his sword,
and he killed all the priests, who served before the Lord.

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