Saul is Jealous of David

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 087
1 Samuel 17:40 - 1 Samuel 19:24

King Saul should have loved David. God used him to keep King Saul free.
The Philistines had come to destroy him, with a giant as big as a tree.

Through David God brought King Saul victory. Just a boy and a servant to boot.
So what if the ladies adored him. Saul was king. Why should he give a hoot?

But he did. He was jealous of David. So one day while his harp he played,
Saul picked up a javelin and threw it, hoping David would die by its blade.

Twice David avoided Saul's javelin. God saved David from Saul's foul play.
This made King Saul fear young David. Said I'll kill him some other way.

Saul said David, slay a hundred Philistines, and my daughter shall be your wife.
Saul thought he will die in battle. The Philistines will take his life.

But David went out with his soldiers they didn't kill one hundred men.
Instead they fought the Philistines and two hundred were slain by them.

Saul had to give David his daughter. He promised and could not back down.
Saul feared the way God strengthened David. So he called all his servants around.

He said to his servants and Jonathan his son, kill David the first chance you get.
But Jonathan loved David, said I'll talk to the king and warn if he's really a threat.

So Jonathan spoke with his father. Dad, David has done as he should.
Don't sin by wanting to kill him. Son your right. Young David is good.

But again the Philistines attacked, and David fought with his men.
He defeated them with a great slaughter, and Saul became jealous again.

Saul sent soldiers to apprehend David but Michal his wife had a plan.
She helped David escape. Let him down by the wall, and David alluded Saul's hand.

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