Ruth and Naomi

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 073
Ruth 1:1 - Ruth 1:22

If you've never read the book of Ruth, you must do so indeed.
It likely is more beautiful, then all you'll ever read.

A woman named Naomi, had a husband and two sons.
A famine came to Israel. Now food, the four had none.

They journeyed to a distant land. The land of Moabites.
For ten years there they lived. A lot of days and nights.

Yes, they found food, but even more. Two wives there for each son.
But something tragic struck their home. Naomi now had none.

Her husband and her two sons died. Their wives were not her own.
Naomi had to let them leave to go back to their home.

They all three cried and hugged and kissed and held each other's hand.
But Naomi's place was Israel. Moab was their land.

Finally the wife named Orpah, went to her father's home.
To Naomi Ruth held tightly. I'll not leave you alone.

Where you go I will be there. Where you live I will stay.
Your people will become mine too, and to your God I'll pray.

Where you die, so will I. Where you're buried, lay me in the ground.
God take my life and more so, If I ever let you down.

So Naomi left for Israel. Ruth stayed right by her side.
This was a girl from a foreign land, whose loving husband died.

Ruth was raised with other god's, and other customs too.
She offered her life for Naomi's good. Something few would ever do.

Her fame spread to folks in Israel. She amazed all those who saw,
the girl who gave her life and land to care for her mother-in-law.

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