Benjamin's Tribe

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 072
Judges 17:1 - Judges 21:25

From Samson to Saul Israel had no king, and many turned from the Lord.
All did what was right in their own eyes, and most disobeyed God's word.

A man named Micah had an idol house, and a priest to speak for his god.
An idol of silver his mother had made. He had robes and a priestly ephod.

A Levite came to live with him, and serve as the idol's priest.
In those days Dan's tribe had no dwelling place, since entering from the east.

They came upon Micah's house. Took his priest and image too.
Then they conquered a land and worshiped the image, as men without God will do.

A second Levite took a bride, a concubine they say.
She became unfaithful and cheated him, and then she ran away.

The Levite journeyed to her father's house, to take his wife back again.
After five days he left to return to his place. He chose to forgive her sin.

That night he stopped in Gibeah, a city of Benjamin.
He camped in the street. An old man said, don't. I will gladly take you in.

Then some evil men in the city, pulled the same stunt Sodom did,
when the angels went to warn Mr. Lot, but the old man firmly forbid.

They took the Levite's concubine, and by morning left her quite dead.
The Levite sent to all Israel. They were horrified by what he said.

We must punish these wicked men of Belial, and stop this terrible sin.
But Benjamin's tribe refused to agree, and protected the evil men.

In fact Benjamin formed an army, to fight against Israel.
The battle raged and for two whole days Benjamin did quite well.

Then God told the grandson of Aaron. He was Phinehas, Israel's priest.
Go up tomorrow. Benjamin shall fall, from the greatest to the least.

So because of the sin of Gibeah's men, especially the ones of Belial,
all but six hundred in Benjamin died. Their tribe seemed wiped out for a while.

Then Israel turned with compassion. We need to find wives for these men.
Only six hundred men left in Benjamin's tribe. They need wives to revive them again.

Those were dark days for the country. There were idols God said were taboo.
There was killing, unfaithfulness, mischief and theft. All the things men without God will do.

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