Ruth Works In The Field

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 074
Ruth 2:1 - Ruth 3:3

So Naomi and Ruth arrived, in the land of Israel.
With no husbands, sons or harvest, could they possibly do well?

That's how this story continues. Ruth works hard and long.
Harvests grain to feed Naomi. For Ruth is young and strong.

The field where Ruth worked, was Boaz', Naomi's kin.
When he saw her he asked, who is this girl? God let her, his heart win.

This is the Moabite. Naomi's daughter-in-law.
She has worked from morning until now, gleaning among the straw.

Then Boaz said to Ruth, don't work in another field.
I've charged the men to protect you, as you glean among my yield.

When you're thirsty, drink with my workers. When you're hungry, eat my bread.
But I'm not like your maids. A foreigner. I'm not purebred.

No you're not, said kindly Boaz, but I've heard what you have done.
You came from your land and your family, to this place where you knew no one.

I know how you care for Naomi. I know how your husband died.
You're deserving of love, for you've given your all. I'm privileged to provide.

So Ruth went back to the field, and Boaz told his guys,
let extra grain fall behind you, in the sight of young Ruth's eyes.

When Ruth returned to Naomi, they had plenty of food to eat.
Boaz gave more then five and a half, gallons of barley wheat.

Then Naomi was told of Boaz. She said thank you to God above.
This man is our kindred, our own family. God has showered us with His love.

It is obvious Boaz is drawn to you. Our custom for next of kin,
is that they will redeem your husband's land, and provide an heir for him.

Today Boaz winnows his barley, down on the threshing floor.
Tonight he will feast and sleep there, as he always has done before.

Wear perfume and your best clothing. In the night go lay at his feet.
When he sees you tell him you're his next kin, for God made the two of you meet.

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