Samson Looses His Strength

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 071
Judges 16:15 - Judges 16:31

By now you know miss Delilah, had no care for Samson's well being.
Every chance she could muster, attempted him harm. But none of this Samson was seeing.

At least that is what some have thought, as they watch him again and again.
I'm not sure that's it. To me Samson thinks he can just get away with his sin.

See Delilah kept on pressing Samson. She cried and she vexed him to death.
He finally opened his heart to her. Think he did not know what she'd do next?

A Nazarite I've been from my birth. No razor has come to my head.
If you shave off my hair, my strength will be gone. Did he think she would love him instead?

Of course not. She'd shave him that evening, as Philistines await at her door.
When she did Samson woke up and boldly declared, I'll defeat them as I did before.

He did not believe that a haircut, would take away all his great strength.
He believed it was him, not obedience to God, and certainly not his hair's length.

But as he fought the Philistines, they bound him and put out his eyes.
They made him grind in the prison mill. Delilah now had his demise.

As months past they planed a party, to celebrate Samson's defeat.
They said their god Dagon delivered him. Now they had him grinding their wheat.

But in prison his hair grew again. Was it hair or part of God's plan?
They called to mock Samson. The party rocked on. Get Samson. Make fun of the man.

Now the temple of Dagon was built, so two pillars supported the top.
Blind Samson said I need rest, on the pillars or else I will drop.

On the roof were three thousand people. All rulers in Philistine land.
Samson prayed to the Lord, let my strength come again. Let me slay them by your mighty hand.

Let me die with the Philistine rulers. I know now that my strength comes from you.
God answered his prayer. Wasn't inches of hair. It was all in what God chose to do.

So in death Samson conquered Philistines, more then in life he had.
His brethren came down and carried him back. Buried him in the land of his dad.

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