Samson And Delilah

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 070
Judges 16:1 - Judges 16:14

What did Samson know? Killed a lion with his bare hands.
A thousand Philistines with an asses jaw. By foxes he'd burned the land.

Did he think that he was that strong, that he could win each fight?
He'd touched dead bodies. Broke the Nazarite vow. It didn't diminish his might.

I wonder if he had forgotten. The secret of his strength.
Was it muscles, or stamina, the power of youth, or maybe his hair's great length?

Samson's judge I can not be, but his pattern leaves me perplexed.
If he thought his power came only from God would he do what he does next?

So Samson went down to Gaza. To a woman of ill repute.
The men of the city found out he was there. Said we'll kill him that swaggering brute.

Samson stayed in town until midnight. Its gate could stop a host.
Samson lifted the gate with the bar and all, and even uprooted the posts.

Then he carried the gate from the city, to a place that was far away.
Not down, that's too easy. Up a hill before Hebron. That surprised them for sure the next day.

So he sinned with the woman that night, and still his strength was full there.
What was to stop him? Did he have to obey? It seemed that he didn't care.

Next he went to the valley of Sorek. And fell in love with a dame.
A Philistine woman who did not love God. Delilah was her name.

The Philistines came to Delilah. Get the secret of Samson's power.
We'll pay you a huge sum of money. Then we'll torture him that very hour.

She obviously did not love Samson. She liked the deal they struck.
She tried to get Samson to give up his strength. She thought she was really in luck.

Bind me with seven green branches. I'll be weak as any man.
She told the Philistines, but he broke all the sticks, as easy as pie with his hands.

That should have showed Samson her motive. She wanted him to fail.
But Samson continued this dangerous game. Next use ropes and your men will prevail.

So she bound Samson with brand new ropes, and called the Philistines again.
But he snapped them like thread and stood up instead, not bound but still a free man.

You mock and make fun, cried Delilah. Well I beg your pardon, boo hoo!
You want to deceive me and destroy my strength, and you cry because I lie to you?

Then Samson came close to his Nazarite vow. Weave my hair into seven locks.
She did and then called the Philistines. But he broke free as sly as a fox.

When would Samson learn? How foolish was he? Did he not see deceit in her eyes?
It should have been obvious, 'specially by now. She was focused on Samson's demise.

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