Joshua Jericho

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 052
Joshua 6:1 - Joshua 6:27

Remember Joshua met the Lord. The captain of God's host.
With sword drawn next to Jericho, standing as at post.

He said take off your shoes. You walk on holy ground.
Gave marching orders. Jericho, you'll compass it around.

Now Jericho was shut up tight. No one went in or out.
They would tremble and their walls would fall when Israel gave a shout.

God said to walk around its walls one time each day for six.
The priests shall bear God's covenant ark on long poles made of sticks.

On the seventh day walk seven times around the city wall.
Then on the trumpets priests shall blow and all the walls will fall.

Can you imagine Jericho? They were already scared.
On the first day Israel walked around. Would they die now or be spared?

On the second day it happened, exactly as the first.
The people in the city, must have been about to burst.

This is crazy all these people, just walking silently.
They haven't shot an arrow, drawn a sword, or hurt a flea.

On the third day, then the forth and fifth, the sixth day not a peep.
Maybe we have got a chance. They walk around like sheep.

So on the seventh day, what was Jericho to think?
What a repetitious show. I guess I'll have a drink.

Then the call came out, they haven't quit. It's been three times, no four.
They're walking five then six times, and now they're walking more.

This isn't good, it's not a bit, like it was yesterday.
We've never seen them walk this long. Maybe it's time to pray.

But idol gods and big tall walls, could not protect you know,
for when the seventh round would end, the priests the trumpets blow.

So blow the trumpets, yes they did, and shout. What strange combat.
They did not even climb the walls. God made them all fall flat.

Except for one place in the wall. It had a scarlet thread.
It was the home of Rahab. Just like the spies had said.

God saved Rahab and family too, because she did believe.
She trusted God and hid the spies. She safely helped them leave.

The Israelites took Jericho and burnt it to the ground.
The fame of God and Joshua was quickly spread around.

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