Achan's Sin

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 053
Joshua 7:1 - Joshua 7:26

The battle of Jericho, a triumph, with the flattening of the wall.
God said, save Rahab. Not the rest, instead destroy it all.

Keep only the vessels of iron, silver, brass, and gold.
Put them in the temple treasure. Now do as I have told.

But one man disobeyed the Lord and took what God forbid.
A wedge of gold he carried home, and there he kept it hid.

The next battle was Ai. A city oh so small.
A few men could defeat this town. No need to send them all.

Three thousand men charged Ai, and Ai chased them down.
Thirty six were slain that day. Josh fell upon the ground.

Why God? Why did you let us lose? Did you bring us here to die?
Then God replied, Israel has sinned. My command you did defy.

Bring all the people tribe by tribe and I will show you who,
has taken that which I forbid. For right now, no one knew.

The tribe God pointed out, and Judah was the one.
Then God revealed Achan's sin and showed what he had done.

I'm guilty for I took some clothes some gold and silver too.
I hid them fast within my tent. Not what God said to do.

Because of this not one man, but thirty six were dead.
They lost the war at Ai. From a small town Israel fled.

Sin hurts a lot of people. Much more then you or me.
Because of Achan's rebel theft, it cost his whole family.

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