Joshua Crossing Jordan

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 051
Joshua 3:1 - Joshua 5:15

Joshua rose up very early, and led Israel to the river.
He said God will show his strength to you. The great almighty giver.

When the priests take up the ark, of the covenant of God.
The mighty Jordan River, will dry where they have trod.

Now it was time of harvest, and the Jordan overflowed.
You mean when priests dip in their feet it'll dry up like a road?

That's right said Joshua. The waters that come down,
from Galilee to this valley, will pile up in a mound.

So the priests all stood on dry ground, while the river Israel crossed.
Just like the Red Sea years ago, not a single soul was lost.

To remind them of his power, how God made the river dry,
he had them pick up twelve large stones and pile them up high.

It was on that day the people saw, that Joshua was God's man.
Like Moses led before him, Joshua led them on dry land.

So the people camped at Gilgal, and stacked the twelve stones high.
When children ask what mean these stones, say God kept the people dry.

When the Amorites and Canaanites heard what God had done.
They fell with fear and trembling. They were frightened, every one.

For forty years of journey, with manna Israel fed.
But now inside the promised land the manna stopped instead.

Instead God let his people eat the plenty of the land.
A land of milk and honey, of corn and fruit and bran.

Then Joshua saw a soldier, standing with a sword.
He did not know, from Jericho, or a soldier of the Lord.

He walked up to the soldier. He did not fear or fuss.
Joshua confidently asked the man, "Are you for or against us?"

I'm the captain of the Lord's host, the soldier then replied.
Now was he just an angel, or was he God inside?

Next he said remove your shoes, for where you stand is holy.
Joshua worshiped. The first command is have no God's before me.

Would God allow an angel, to be worshiped? I think not.
This soldier Joshua bowed before was the God for whom he fought.

The alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.
The voice inside the burning bush. The cloud and fire blend.

The one who wrote the law. The commandments on Sinai.
The one who dried the Red Sea, and had the Pharaoh die.

The one who made their enemies say, we have no chance, we're toast.
Take loose your shoes from off your feet, I'm the captain of God's host.

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