Water From A Rock, Again

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 044
Numbers 20:1 - Numbers 20:13

Knowing what you know of Moses, and how God provids through him,
What would you do if you had no water and no way to drink or swim?

Would you moan and complain and say God doesn't care,
or know He provides even out of thin air?

Had God ever failed did Pharoah prevail?
Did the Red Sea not part? Did God send the quail?

Did the people go hungry without any bread?
No, God always provided. They're always well fed.

But for some crazy reason I can't understand,
the people of Israel murmered again.

Last dry time they started with their crazy talk,
God gave them all water from out of a rock.

A rock? A ROCK? A great big dry rock.
Last time Moses hit it. This time God said talk.

Don't strike the rock this time, just speak will suffice.
But Moses disobeyed. He hit the rock twice.

God could have held back but He let water flow.
He said Moses to Canaan, you shall not go.

Because you disobeyed my specific command,
you shall not go in, unto my promised land.

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