The Wilderness Journey

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 045
Numbers 20:14 - Numbers 21:35

As Israel journeyed they came to a land,
where much people lived named after a man.

A man you know well. He was Jacob's own brother.
For Esau and Edom are names for each other.

So Moses sent men to ask Edom's king.
May we pass through your land? We won't hurt any thing.

But the king said, oh no. I won't let you pass through.
We'll come out with a sword and fight if you do.

So Israel turned and went down by Mount Hor,
And there Aaron died. He would journey no more.

Eleazar his son would serve in his stead,
and the people all cried, because Aaron was dead.

Then to the south they once more had to fight,
This time in the land of the old Canaanite.

God helped them again as the battle He won.
Would they finally trust Him? This is like a rerun.

A rerun I say, for believe it or not,
They still kept complaining, and said God forgot.

He's not taking care. There's no water or bread.
It just wasn't true. If it was they'd be dead.

So God sent some serpents to teach them a lesson.
They cried we have sinned. Please give us a blessin'.

God said make a serpent of brass on a pole.
When you look you shall live, for I'll make you whole.

Then the whole congregation journeyed with cheer,
toward Moab, and Zared, and Arnon and Beer.

They sang and dug wells with water so pure,
'till they came near Mount Pisga where Amorites were.

They asked, let us pass, to the Amorite king.
And just like before said, we won't hurt a thing.

But the Amorites did so much more then say no.
With an army they came, and would not let them go.

This time no complaining while God lead the fight.
God let Israel win over each Amorite.

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