Aaron's Budding Rod

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 043
Numbers 17:1 - Numbers 19:22

God showed to all of Israel the men He chose to lead.
Should God do more to specify the priest whom they should heed?

We know they disappointed God with all their unbelief.
Even after all His miracles they caused him lots of grief.

But God is good, and God is kind, He took great pains to show,
That Aaron was the priest he chose and this is how they'd know.

Let the head of every family take their staff known as a rod,
and write their name upon it, and bring them before God.

Put them in the tabernacle, and the man whom I shall pick,
his rod will bud with flowers, and not just be a stick.

The next day when the rods were viewed there clearly was no doubt.
The other rods were simply sticks but Aaron's rod stood out.

It budded leaves and flowers and almonds in the shell.
God said this is my sign next time the folks rebel.

Aaron is my high priest. With his family he shall serve.
They will work within the holy place and all my law observe.

His sons with him will sacrifice. The Levites will assist.
The people all will follow him, and I'll be in their midst.

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