Noah And The Flood

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 004
Genesis 5:1-Genesis 8:14

Children don't let anyone tell you, "Every one is doing it."
Everyone could be doing it wrong, and if so, they should quit.

Remember the tree in the middle? Remember how Cain disobeyed?
And now we have come here to Noah, where God floods the world he had made.

A whole lot of people do really bad things, and that doesn't make them all right.
When people want to be like everyone else, that often is not very bright.

It doesn't matter if you're all alone, doing what God commands.
You will never be by yourself my friend. You will always be safe in God's hands.

By Noah's time the whole wide word was evil day and night.
Every one but Noah's family, just did what they called, "right."

But right is wrong, if right is not what God tells us to do.
I'd rather be obeying God, even if I was just "one of two."

God said Noah I've got a job. It's going to be real fun.
Gather your sons and build an ark, even if you're the only one.

People laughed and mocked. It never rains. How's a flood supposed to be?
Noah, you don't have a lick of sense. We think you're just crazy.

Noah and his family, all believed what God had vowed.
They worked faithfully and built the ark, and said, "Forget the crowd."

When Noah was done God kept his word like Noah knew He'd do.
God made the animals fill the ark. They walked in two by two.

Now if you did not believe in God, and thought Noah's brain was in park,
how would you feel when Noah was through and the animals filled the ark?

Wouldn't that be a wake-up call? Maybe Noah is right.
But the people still mocked Noah. Said his family was not too bright.

Well we'll see who's smart, and we'll see whose dumb, and we'll see who is right or wrong.
God closed the ark and sent the rain, and it didn't take them long... see they'd made the wrong choice, as they swam for all they were worth.
For forty days and nights it rained and covered all the earth.

More then a year they stayed in that ark as the waters went up and down.
And then God stopped the watery flood and set the ark upon dry ground.

God put a rainbow in the sky.
Said Noah be fruitful and multiply.

You needn't ere fear rain or mud.
Ne're again will the earth be destroyed by flood.

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