Cain, Able and Seth

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 003
Genesis 4:1-Genesis 4:26

Adam and Eve enjoyed the best of all that God had made.
But God cast them out when they chose to disobey.

It must have made them sad to know they disobeyed the Lord.
And now the garden gate was blocked by angels with a sword.

Instead of eating all the fruit that grew upon the trees,
Adam and his family had to work on bended knees.

They had to plow the ground to get the vegetables to grow.
Now thorns and weeds and biting bugs made planting hard and slow.

God warned them disobeying Him would come at such a price.
Yet God taught them he would forgive sin and how to sacrifice.

God gave them two cute little boys who grew to be strong men.
Cain and Abel learned the way God taught to sacrifice for sin.

God told them, "bring a lamb," but Cain did not obey.
He brought his plants and vegetables. He did not like God's way.

Cain's sacrifice did not please God, and Cain got really mad.
He killed his brother Abel. Who's offering made God glad.

God chose for Eve and Adam to have another son.
His name was Seth and he was good, and he taught everyone

to trust in God and keep his law without becoming bored.
Then men began, the Bible says, to call upon the Lord.

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