Tower Of Babel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 005
Genesis 8:15-Genesis 11:9

After the flood Noah and his three sons started doing what God said to do.
They had lots of children to replenish the earth, in fact that's how we got me and you.

Before Japheth went one way and Ham went another and Shem went another way still,
they all lived in one place, all spoke the same way, and said lets build a tower until...

...the top reaches heaven. We'll make us a name and we'll all live in one single place.
But God said be fruitful, replenish the earth. Not, "one town for the whole human race."

The folks were not traveling and filling the earth they were building just one single city.
They said let us make brick, all hardened with fire. Our one town will be very pretty.

So God had to scatter them over the world. To do this He made them talk funny.
Wasn't funny to them but it was to their neighbors. Like cows trying to talk to a bunny.

God gave them all languages strange to each other. So to help them best understand,
they found all the people who talked just like them and moved to their own distant land.

And because they all talked in their different way and others heard only a chatter.
They called the place Babel. Like a babbling brook that makes sounds that really don't matter.

So scattered abroad to fill the whole earth, they multiplied just as God planned.
There were Pharaohs in Egypt, and dynasties in China, and tribes all over the land.

One family moved to a place with two rivers. From Caanan 'twas far to the east.
A man named Terah had a son named Abram and they lived in the Ur of Chaldees.

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