First Letter To Timothy

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 315
1 Timothy 1:1-6:21

Timothy, my son beloved, I'm writing this to you.
I left you there at Ephesus 'cause you know what to do.

Don't let them argue foolishly,
but give themselves to charity.

Some want to be like you and me.
They teach the law unlawfully.

The law was given to show us sin,
but Jesus came lost souls to win.

And that was me, my son. Of sinners I was chief.
I persecuted all the church, in ignorance and unbelief.

But to show his mercy, God stopped me. Showed me Jesus is the way.
God proved that he wants all men saved when he stopped me that day.

He showed me there's one God; one mediator Jesus Christ.
He told me teach men everywhere that Jesus brings new life.

Teach men to lift up holy hands. Let women modest be.
And those who would be bishops and teach like you and me...

Let them rule their houses well. The husband of one wife.
Not greedy; not a novice. Upstanding in their life.

The deacons likewise meet these tests, serving faithfully.
I write these things that you may know, till I can come to thee.

Take care. God warns that some will come departing from his law.
Their conscience seared, they make up rules. Their fables are their flaw.

I know you're young, but stand up strong. Let none despise your youth.
Your authority is doctrine. Be bold, God's word is truth.

Always respect your elders. Provide for widows in need.
Let the younger girls remarry. Support those who are widows indeed.

Let the servants honor their masters. Never treat them with disdain.
The love of money is evil. Godliness is great gain.

Fight the good fight of faith. Store up riches for eternity.
Keep that which God has entrusted. His grace be unto thee.

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