Encouraging Thessalonians

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 314
2 Thessalonians 1:1-3:18

We rejoice in your patience, though persecution you endure.
For there are those that trouble you. God will overcome for sure.

When Christ returns with mighty angels, he will come with fire and flame.
He will everlastingly destroy those who fail to trust his name.

So I beg you now my brethren by the coming of our Lord.
Be not shaken, be not troubled, not by spirit nor by word.

For the Antichrist shall come and proclaim that he is god.
He shall desecrate the temple where the saints of Christ have trod.

God shall then send strong delusion. Many shall believe a lie.
Hold fast what you've been taught. The unbelievers all shall die.

Pray for us to be delivered from the hands of wicked men.
Withdraw yourselves from those, who choose to walk in sin.

And he who will not work, will be he who will not eat.
Don't run with those who disobey. Don't let them share your seat.

Let them be ashamed. Admonish them as a friend.
Straying brothers are not enemies. Pray they repent, in the end.

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