Gentiles and Rome

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 299
Romans 15:1-16:27

We that are strong should help the weak.
As Jesus came lost souls to seek.

Though he came to the Jews, he loved Gentiles too,
And that is why he sent me to you.

Isaiah spoke of Jesse, the father of David, the king.
Of him would come The Redeemer. Salvation to Gentiles bring.

And so I preach to you Gentiles. God commanded and therefore I must.
Fulfilling the words of Isaiah. The Gentiles in Jesus shall trust.

As I journey to Spain, Rome will be on the way.
I will visit you then. What a glorious day.

Till I come, please say hi, to my sisters and brothers.
Priscilla, Aquila, my kinsmen and others.

Twenty nine that Paul names, and five other groups.
Salute all the faithful. Encourage the troops.

And then Paul names eight who send greetings to Rome.
Timothy and others. Paul wasn't alone.

By this time Paul was old. His eyes likely grew dim.
This long Romans letter, Tertius penned it for him.

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