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BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 298
Romans 12:1-14:23

My brothers now live holy; not worldly anymore.
For now you are one body; not separate as before.

You each have gifts and functions, God has given from above.
Some teach, some preach, some minister, but all do it with love.

Rejoice in hope or tribulation. Help your friends with utmost care.
Don't be mean to those who hate you. Live your life in constant prayer.

Don't return evil for evil. Live in peace as best you can.
Trust in God, and don't seek vengeance. God will repay every man.

If your enemy hungers, feed him. Though that's strange, God says you should.
Be not overcome of evil. Overcome the bad with good.

Be subject to your rulers. They're set up by God above.
Keep all of God's commandments. They are all fulfilled through love.

Love works no ill to neighbors. Therefore, love fulfills the law.
Always treat people just like Jesus. Jesus mends our every flaw.

Don't judge men based on the outside. They don't have to be like you.
Our opinions often differ, but it's God's word that is true.

While we judge folks based on actions, God looks upon the heart.
God judges true and fair. Our judgment breaks us all apart.

Serve God therefore, with honest faith. The prize you'll surely win.
Don't do what you believe is wrong. What is not of faith, is sin.

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