Paul Preaches

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 287
Acts 13:1-52

In Antioch God call Barnabas and Saul to preach throughout the land.
While in Cyprus they taught the deputy. A very important man.

But a sorcerer there tried to turn him away and change the deputy's mind.
Saul, called Paul, told the sorcerer, for your wickedness you shall be blind.

Next Paul set sail for Pisidia. In the Synagogue, the Sabbath day,
The law was read and then Paul was told, let's hear what you have to say.

Paul started with Moses, to whom God gave the law, bringing Israel from Egypt's land.
He told how they walked through the wilderness. Then in Canaan saw God's mighty hand.

How God gave them judges, but they wanted a king. Finally, David whom Christ would come through.
Of John the Baptizer who said of himself, I'm not worthy to untie Jesus' shoe.

But the prophets foretold, rejected he'd be, and a man aquatinted with grief.
They fulfilled the scriptures when they crucified Him, confirming their unbelief.

Through David God told us of Jesus. Corruption God's Son would not see.
For thousands of days David's been in his tomb, but Jesus was raised after three.

When the Jews had departed the Gentiles came and said preach these words unto us.
The next Sabbath the whole town came to hear, and the jealous Jews put up a fuss.

Paul declared, this salvation was offered to you, and the prophets foretold you'd say no.
God called us and said, preach to all of the world, and so now to the Gentiles I go.

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