Peter Freed

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 286
Acts 11:1-12:25

In Jerusalem some were not so pleased. Peter ate with Gentile men.
Peter told of God's vision, and Cornelius' faith; how God's Spirit came upon them.

When they heard this they held their peace. Gentiles, God's word had received.
Many Christians were scattered in Gentile lands, teaching only the Jews to believe.

Then Barnabas was sent to teach in those lands, and in Tarsus he looked for Saul.
When he found Saul he brought him to Antioch. For a year they taught Jesus to all.

In Antioch they first were called Christians. A name that has stuck to this day.
It means that we're following Jesus, the truth, the life and the way.

Now about this time king Herod, killed James the brother of John.
He saw many Jews were happy with him. Should another be killed before dawn?

It was Passover time, so he'd have to wait. He grabbed Peter and put him in prison.
Sixteen soldiers were charged with guarding this saint. After Easter he'd no longer be livin'.

But just one night before, God sent an angel, who from prison set Peter free.
Peter knew where to go. At John Mark's mother's house, the church will be praying for me.

Peter knocked at the gate. A maid heard his voice. She said Peter's out at our door.
The folks called her crazy. If he's there let him in, while Peter kept knocking some more.

When they saw him they were amazed. God actually answered our prayer.
How often like us we when we ask things of God, but act like He doesn't care.

At the prison imagine the fuss. All those soldiers and gates and chain.
Yet Peter was gone. Nowhere to be found. Enough to drive Herod insane.

But things got worse for old Herod. By the sea he gave a great speech.
The people all shouted, it's the voice of a God. He basked in their praise by the beach.

Then God struck down wicked king Herod. Taking God's glory, king Herod died.
Saul and Barnabas returned to Jerusalem, and God's word was then multiplied.

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