Paul's Journey

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 288
Acts 14:1-15:34

Next Paul preached in Iconium where Jews and Gentiles believed.
But those who did not, wanted Paul dead, and their plot the disciples perceived.

So Barnabas and Paul escaped, to Lystra where a man could not walk.
From birth he was lame, and he heard Paul speak. He believed as he pondered Paul's talk.

Paul perceived he had faith to be healed, and said, mister stand, and when,
the man jumped and walked the crowd misunderstood, saying gods have come down as men.

The priests brought garlands and oxen. A sacrifice worshipping Paul.
Paul and Barnabas cried no, we're only just men. Worship God, the creator of all.

Then again unbelievers persuaded the crowd. These are heretics kill them instead.
One moment they're ready to worship them, and now they wanted them dead.

So they stoned brother Paul, but God raised him up. To Derby he and Barnabas came.
From there they returned to Antioch, where Christians were given their name.

But another contention was brewing. Tradition creating a flaw.
If Gentiles believe they must work to be saved. For centuries we've kept Moses' law.

First Peter stood up and declared, God's Spirit Cornelius received.
It wasn't because Gentiles became Jews. It was Jesus on whom they believed.

Next Barnabas and Paul confirmed Peter's word. By faith salvation is free.
Then James quoted scripture. Gentiles shall be save, and now the fulfillment we see.

So they sent to the Gentiles and comforted them. You don't have to become a Jew.
But here are some pointers. Turn from sin to the Lord. Live Godly. To Jesus be true.

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