BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 275
Matthew 27:32-54, Mark 15:21-41
Luke 23:26-49, John 19:17-30

After beatings and scourging and mockings, with a crown of thorns on His head.
Jesus carried His cross until Simon of Cyrene, was compelled to bear it instead.

Then they came to the hill of Golgotha, also known as the Place of the Scull,
Where Christ tasted, but would not drink, the wine vinegar mixed with gall.

There they placed our Lord on His cross, where they thought they crucified Him.
But they did not take our Lord's life. He chose to die for our sin.

Soldiers parted His garments among them and cast lots. No one wanted to loose.
On the cross was a sign, saying Jesus of Nazareth. Pilate wrote, the King of the Jews.

Soldiers, priests, scribes and the thieves, with the crowd mocked Jesus and scoffed.
While a gathering of women with Mary Magdalene cried and wept as they stood afar off.

Jesus could have come down and destroyed them. He could have continued to live.
Instead He showed love and compassion. Instead He said Father forgive.

Onlookers, a centurion, even one of the thieves who was with Jesus crucified,
When he saw Christ's compassion, said this man is just. It is us who deserve here to die.

Remember me, the thief begged our Lord, on a cross Jesus showed so much grace,
That this thief was convinced that this man next to him was the God of all time and space.

Jesus said, yes today you shall be with me alive and in paradise.
The sun went dark. The earth trembled and shook. The temple veil in two was sliced.

Then Jesus cried, Father my spirit, I commend in to your hand.
With a loud voice, "it is finished" sin no longer condemned all man.

Can you imagine God's mighty power, as He washed our sins away?
The Centurion and those who were watching with him, believed on Jesus that day.

This was no condemned man, helpless and desperate, like the others sinful and flawed.
This man truly, the centurion said, He was truly the Son of God!

Jesus so showed God's presence, that on a cross they saw where, He was from.
But if they doubted today, in three, what would they say? The best is yet to come!

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