BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 276
Matthew 27:55-28:4, Mark 15:42-16:3
Luke 23:50-56, John 19:31-42

Jesus finished the work He had come to do.
He provided salvation for me and you.

He gave up the ghost. It is finished He said.
Joseph asked for His body. Make sure He is dead.

Pilate marveled that Jesus so soon there had died.
To be sure the soldier pierced a spear in His side.

Then Pilate agreed Nicodemus make go,
with Joseph of Ariamathea. He said make it so.

They bought spices and linen. In a tomb Christ was laid.
Joseph's own tomb by Calvary. Cut from rock it was made.

Rolled a stone o're the door. A very big one.
While Mary and women all watched what was done.

In the meantime the Pharasees asked Pilate for his seal.
A guard so the body the disciples can't steal.

He said He would rise again when He'd die.
They'll steal His body, and spread a big lie.

I'm sure Pilate wondered if indeed He would rise.
Maybe Jesus was God and the priest's words were lies.

He didn't say, seal the tomb. You will prove false this man.
He said, you have your guard. Make it sure as you can.

While the Pharasees we're busy conjuring up their devices,
the women departed to buy some more spices.

The next day was the Sabbath. We must wait till it's o're.
Well return there this Sunday. Who will roll back the door?

But before they returned the angles descended.
Rolled the stone. Quaked the earth. The guards duty just ended.

Guards fainted, then ran. Mighty men filled with fear.
When the women arrive Jesus Christ won't be here.

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