The Blind Man

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 249
John 9:1-41

As Jesus past a blind man, his disciples asked who was at fault,
that a man like this would be born blind, or maybe deaf or halt?

Jesus said no one, not him or his folks, but God's work might be done that day.
Then He spat on the ground, and rolled it around, and anointed his eyes with clay.

Jesus said go wash in the pool of Siloam. When he did his eyes could see.
Some said that's the blind man. Some said it's his double. But he said, I am he!

They asked how it happened. A man named Jesus anointed my eyes with clay.
They brought him to the Pharisees. Great! It was on the Sabbath day.

Some said this isn't a man of God, he healed on the Sabbath day.
Others said tell me how could a sinner, open blind eyes with clay?

Some leaders said maybe he wasn't blind. Let's call his mom and dad.
Is this your son and how can he see? Ask him he's no longer a lad.

So they asked the blind man for the um-teenth time. A sinner or saint is he?
He answered I'll tell you this one thing I know, I was blind and now I can see!

They asked him again, how did he do it? I already told you once.
How many times must I say the same thing and you asked me again like a dunce?

They were offended. We follow Moses. This guy is from who knows where.
Well He opened my eyes. A man born blind. He must be from God, so there.

So they cast him out of the temple, and said he was born in sin.
When Jesus heard he found the blind man and asked question of him.

Do you believe in the Son of God? I believe, just tell me who.
My good man you see Him, and it is He, here now who talks to you.

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