Greater Than Abraham

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 248
John 8:33-59

The Pharisees claimed Abraham. They said he was their father.
Jesus said, then you'd do Abraham's works, but it's clear that you don't bother.

You do the works of your father the devil. He's a murderer from the start.
You only pretend to honor God. See Jesus could see their heart.

Keep my sayings and live forever. That's what Jesus said.
You are the devil. That can't be true. Father Abraham is dead.

And now you say you're greater, then father Abraham?
Jesus said, well, not just greater, before Abraham was, I am.

But you're not fifty years old. You're younger than my dad.
Abraham rejoiced to see my day, and when he saw it he was glad.

Then they took up stones to stone Him. Indeed they wished Him dead.
But Jesus went right by them. They were murderers like He said.

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