Jesus Honors John

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 232
Matthew 11:2-30

Now John was in prison, but he wasn't a dupe.
You have to remember, he was out of the loop.

While sitting alone, John heard what Jesus had done.
He sent two to ask Christ, are you really the one.

Jesus said tell John, of the signs God's given.
Blind see, lame walk, and the dead are now liven'.

Then the people ask of John, such a wild looking man.
He ate locust, wild honey and wore leather ore his tan.

Well what did you expect? Was Jesus' reply.
John lived in the desert, not a king's house on high.

But of those born of women, was no greater than John.
Yet I'll give you a promise, that you can count on.

Works are good. Faith is better. Now listen to me.
The least in the kingdom is greater than he.

I don't work these miracles for mere earthly fame.
I show you that you can believe on my name.

One day Jesus would be the lamb for our sin.
Save us not by our works, rather our faith in Him.

Then Christ warned Capernaum on Galilee's Sea.
After all of these miracles, you still reject me.

I don't ask the impossible to save you from your plight.
I will give your souls rest, for my burden is light.

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