Twelve Sent

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 231
Matthew 10:1-11:1, Mark 6:7-13
Luke 9:1-6

Jesus called twelve disciples, and some had the same mother.
Like Simon who is Peter, and then Andrew his brother.

Then James and brother John, with Philip and Bartholomew.
Then Thomas and that tax collector, whom we all know as Matthew.

There was another James and Thaddeus, and Simon who's from Canaan.
And lastly there was Judas. We all know he betrayed Him.

Jesus sent them forth with miracles, to preach throughout the land.
Saying go tell all, the kingdom, of heaven is at hand.

To prove that the people could believe, what these disciples said,
He let them heal, cast out evil spirits, and even raise the dead.

He said, don't bring provisions. The laborer's worthy of his hire.
Now some, they will reject you, like Sodom burned with fire.

They will persecute and hate you, just as they've hated me.
Stay with those who are believers. From those that persecute you, flee.

Fear not those who kill the body, but I say, you will do well,
to fear Him who can destroy, both body and soul in hell.

God will protect you. He knows the hairs on your head.
Don't fear the rejecters. Trust your Father instead.

If you find your life you'll lose it. But if you live for me,
my Father will reward you, for all eternity.

Nothing shall be forgotten, that you do for the Lord.
Give a cup of cold water in my name. You'll receive a sure reward.

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