BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 233
John 5:1-47

After this Jesus came to Jerusalem and stood by Bethesda Pool.
And though it had five porches, every one of them was full.

A multitude of sick folk, and each of them believed,
if they stepped in first when the waters moved, their infirmity would leave.

Now a man laid there who could not walk for 38 long years.
I have no one to help me in. That fills my eyes with tears.

But Jesus came and said sir, take your bed and walk away.
Immediately the man was healed. It was on the Sabbath day.

The Jews saw him. It's a Sabbath day, and you're carrying a bed?
You're kidding me right? Give me a break. I'm just doing what he said.

Who healed you on this Sabbath day? He didn't say his name.
Then Jesus met him in the temple. I see that you're not lame.

Go sin no more lest something worse than lameness come on thee.
The man came back and told them, it was Jesus who healed me.

Then the leaders sought to kill Jesus. He didn't give the Sabbath its due.
My Father works on the Sabbath day, so I work on it too.

Now He really had them stirred up. Claiming that he was God's son.
Then He spent some time being perfectly clear. My Father and I are one.

When you honor me, you honor God. Believe on me and have eternal life.
You heard John when he spoke of me. His words cut them like a knife.

But a greater witness than John is here. My Father bears witness of me.
Moses prophesied of my coming. Read the scriptures and you will see.

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