Samaritan Woman

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 225
Matthew 4:12, Mark 1:14,
John 4:1-42

John who Baptized tongue lashed Herod about his wanton life.
Herod had John put in prison, which delighted Herod's wife.

Then Jesus left Judea to walk to Galilee.
We're going through Samaria if you want to follow me.

Jesus said that he was weary, as far as John could tell.
The disciples went for food, and Jesus sat beside a well.

A woman came for water. Jesus asked her for a drink.
A Jew asked a Samaritan? She didn't know what to think.

Jesus said if you knew who I am then you'd be asking me.
The woman said the well is deep, now this I'd like to see.

You have no rope and bottle, so this will be a first.
Jesus answered, drink my water and you will never thirst.

She said give me that water. I'm tired of walking to this well.
He said first call your husband. She was startled he could tell.

She replied I have no husband. He said you've answered right.
Why you've had five, and not the one you're sleeping with tonight.

My goodness you're a prophet. Why how else could you know?
When Messiah comes he'll know all things. The Bible tells us so.

You're right again said Jesus. And then he let her see.
He said you talk of the Messiah. I that speak to you am he.
The returning disciples marveled. This isn't what they'd do.
Talking to a Samaritan? Why Jesus was a Jew.

The lady left excited. She forgot her water pot.
When she returned you should have seen the crowd that she had brought.

They came because she told them, but were skeptical of this girl.
Then when Jesus spoke they said for sure, this is the Saviour of the world!

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