Four Disciples

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 226
Matthew 4:13-22, Mark 1:15-20,
Luke 4:14-5:10, John 4:43-54

Jesus came to Galilee, and Cana once again.
A nobleman whose son was sick journeyed from Capernaum.

He begged Jesus to heal his son. Jesus sighed, you want a sign.
The man said, I believe in you, please heal this son of mine.

Jesus said your son is whole, and the man trusted Christ power.
His servant met, said your son got well. The man asked him what hour?

Twas the same time Jesus gave his word and the man had turned to leave.
He went back and told his family, and with him they all believed.

Then Jesus entered Nazareth, where he used to work and play.
He went up into the synagogue, for it was the Sabbath day.

He read the book Isaiah. Said this now is come to pass.
They looked at him intently. He knew what that they would ask.

He said you want the healing here, like I healed the nobleman's son.
But a prophet's not accepted in the land from whence he's from.

There were many widows in Elijah's day but he stayed with one in Sidon.
Israel had many lepers, but he healed Naaman the Syrian.

When they heard this they were angry. Tried to push him down a hill.
But he slipped out through the midst of them. They'd be searching for him still.

Next, four men washed their nets on the shores of Galilee.
Jesus ask as he entered Simon's boat, thrust a little out to sea.

The crowd had thronged the shores. To hear the master teach.
The ship would be the perfect place for Christ to sit and preach.

When he finished he said Peter, thrust out into the deep.
We'll catch some fish, but Peter said my Lord we didn't sleep.

We fished all night and caught no fish, but who cares what I think.
And when they pulled their nets aboard, the boat began to sink.

James and John please come and help us. We need another boat.
So many fish were in the net, neither one of them could float.

When they got the ships to shore, they knew what they must do.
Peter, Andrew, James and brother John, said Lord we'll follow you.

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