The Boy Joseph

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 018
Genesis 33:18-Genesis 37:35

When Jacob returned to Caanan, Joseph was just a lad.
Except for little Benjamin, big brothers were all he had.

At seventeen he cared for the sheep with all ten older sons.
But Jacob loved Joseph more then the rest 'cause he was his favorite one.

About this time Jacob made a coat, for Joseph of colors bright.
His brothers were jealous at seeing his coat. They did not think it was right.

They were mad now, but wait 'till they hear. No friendship this will win.
For as Joseph dreamed his sheaf stood up and his brother's sheaves bowed to him.

You bad little boy. You proud stupid child. You ruled over us last night?
Go back to bed. Try dreaming again. And this time, you get it right.

Well Joseph did sleep, and Joseph did dream, and this time even more.
The sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed to him as the sheaves before.

With eleven brothers a mom and a dad, this really touched a nerve.
His brothers were mad, his mom passed away, but he threw his father a curve.

You think that we will all bow to you? His father Jacob rebuked.
If his father who gave him the coat was mad, his brothers must nearly have puked!

One day all the big guys were far, far away, feeding their flocks of sheep.
Jacob said Joseph it's far but please walk, 'cause they didn't have a jeep.

Check on your brothers. Make sure they're fine, and bring me word again.
The brothers saw Joseph a long way off. Our chance to get rid of him.

Let's kill him and say an animal did. Show our father his bloody coat.
Then Reuben the oldest growled, into a pit, but not kill him. You don't get my vote.

So they listened to big brother Reuben. He planned to set Joseph free.
But while he was gone some traders came by. They sold Joseph into slavery.

When Reuben returned he checked in the pit, for Joseph, but there was none.
What have you done? What will we say, to our father? We've lost his son.

We'll tell him an animal ate him. We'll show Dad the torn bloody coat.
Reuben lifted his voice, but he had no more choice. Now he could not even vote.

So they showed the coat to their father. In grief Jacob mourned for his son.
His children all tried to comfort him. But too late. Their bad deed was done.

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