Jacob Faces Esau

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 017
Genesis 31:36-Genesis 33:17

Jacob had left Laban because of Laban's jealousy.
Now Jacob's tribe was heading home to his old family.

He had taken his brother's birthright. He had taken his blessing too.
If Laban's wrath had Jacob scared, what would angry Esau do?

Jacob desperately needed a plan, but that was where Jacob was good.
If anyone could come up with a scheme, old conniver Jacob could.

He sent messengers out before him, to soften up his bro.
Tell him I'm rich. Tell him I'll share. Tell him anything he wants to know.

The scouts returned with a message. I'm afraid we have bad news and then,
they said Esau is coming to meet you, and he's coming with 400 men!

Well that plan didn't work. This is Jacob, he'll come up with another one.
He divided his tribe, said when Esau arrives, if he kills us, the other half RUN!

Jacob finally remembered the Lord. God had promised him blessing and good.
He collapsed and he prayed. Lord you know I'm afraid. If you save me I'll do what I should.

Then he packed up a huge gift of animals. Five hundred and fifty they had.
He spaced them all out and with trembling and doubt, said I hope this will make Esau glad.

He then sent his whole family before him. Jacob wrestled and did prevail.
With God he did fight, until morning light, and then God made his hip to fail.

You have always been known as Jacob, but Israel now is your name.
So God blessed him there, said you're under my care and Jacob was never the same.

The next morning Jacob met Esau. Esau came with his 400 men.
Jacob feared this huge herd, but God kept his word, Esau kissed him and hugged him and then;

Esau asked, what is with all the presents? Jacob said I hoped to repay,
all the trouble I've caused; the deception and loss. Forgive me and take it I pray.

Not a chance laughed Esau with kindness. We're brothers I've all that I need.
I'm happy to hear God has blessed you, but please take it now I plead.

So Jacob and Esau departed. Two brothers who learned to forgive.
God kept his promise as always. Won't you trust Him today and live.

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