Joseph Potaphar To Pharoah

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 019
Genesis 37:36-Genesis 41:40

While Jacob wept for the loss of his son and the brothers felt shame for sure,
the traders brought Joseph to Egypt's land and sold him to Potiphar.

As the captain of Pharaoh's guard. An important and prosperous man.
He saw Joseph was honest and blessed of God and put everything in Joseph's hand.

But his wife was highly unfaithful. She lusted for Joseph instead,
of Potiphar her husband. She grabbed Joseph, but Joseph fled.

She was angry, she could not have Joseph. She was mad that he would not have her.
So she lied to get Joseph in trouble with her husband the great Potiphar

Now Potiphar was not a dumb man. He either did not have a life,
or he knew what she was up to, but he couldn't accuse his wife.

So he had to throw Joseph in prison. He did not deserve to be there.
But God had a plan, though not known to man, and Joseph was under God's care.

Like in Potiphar's house now in prison, Joseph served God so grand,
that the warden could rest, because Joseph was blessed. He put everything in Joseph's hand.

Pharaoh's butler and baker upset him. Maybe something that they said.
Did he find a roach in his coffee, or a frog in his soup or his bread?

He threw the two into prison. Their dreams Joseph knew by the Lord.
Joseph told them the meaning it all came to pass. One died and one was restored.

Joseph asked the chief butler, remember, when you serve the Pharaoh his wine.
But the butler forgot. What a friend. Thanks a lot. And Joseph kept doing his time.

Two years later the butler is frantic. Holy cow, Pharaoh dreamed in the night.
It has meaning you know, that no one can show, and the butler has wrong to make right.

Ahem, sir, I remember my error. Your dream can be made known to you.
Joseph said what you'd do, and it all did come true. How I failed him I haven't a clue.

Pharaoh hastily sent and called Joseph. He said son I have dreamed me a dream.
Seven fat cows came out of the river, seven skinny out of the same stream.

The skinny ate up the fat cows, but the skinny, they didn't change.
I dreamed too of corn, fat and skinny 'till morn. I'm troubled my dreams are so strange.

Joseph listened and then he told Pharaoh, there is one who can say what they mean.
Only God the creator, I worship and serve knows the meaning of Pharaoh's strange dream.

The fat cows, seven years of great harvest, the skinny, seven famine indeed.
You must save in the barn, your wheat and your corn, so you will have food when you need.

Now find a man of great wisdom, who can oversee all of the land.
Let him save up the harvest in Egypt's great barns, put everything into his hand.

Pharaoh turned to his counselors. Who is wiser, and who has a better plan?
He took his own ring and put it on Joseph, saying Joseph, you are the man.

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