The Temple Dedication

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 111
1 Kings 8:1-9:28

The temple of God was assembled, with the furnishings God did require,
when He gave Moses plans to build Him a tent, as God lead in the cloud and the fire.

Now Solomon set to assemble another. This time an assembly of men.
The heads of all tribes the priests and the scribes, to put the ark within.

So priests carried the covenant ark. In the temple they set it in place.
Then back out they did, without touching the lid and God's glory filled up the space.

The cloud was so thick, of God's glory, that the priests could not stand in the room.
Then Solomon spoke, as he looked at the folk. All were quiet and still, I'd assume.

God has done as he said, to my father, King David who's might gives us peace.
He wanted to build this house for God. God said no. Not until the wars cease.

Your son will build me a temple. Now this temple stands here today.
So they worshipped the Lord, and humbled themselves, and pledged to always obey.

For seven days they feasted. On the eighth journeyed back homeward bound.
Then the Lord appeared to Solomon again. Said, I've heard you. I'll hallow this ground.

If you will walk before me, like David your father before.
I will bless you and keep you and establish your throne, to last forever more.

But if you turn away and serve other Gods, I'll remove Israel from this land.
So Solomon obeyed. To God faithfully prayed, And God blessed him more than all men.

All the nations round about, paid tribute to Solomon the king.
He had cities for chariots, cities for horsemen and cities for all of his things.

On the red sea Solomon built a navy. They brought gold from Ophir's shore.
Every which way he turned, God blessed him. There was no king whom God blessed more.

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