Solomon's Temple

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 110
1 Kings 5:1-7:51

Solomon lived in a fine house, but was worshipping God in a tent.
I wish to build God a temple, of the likes only heaven sent.

Solomon checked with his Lebanon buddy. King Hiram was his name.
Lebanon had cedar and fir. With which Solomon could build and frame.

Delighted I'd be, said Hiram. I knew and loved your dad.
Now David has a good, wise son. To help you I will be glad!

So Hiram summoned his logging crew, with ten thousand of Solomon's men,
they began to cut trees, the best in the land, called Cedar of Lebanon.

They hewed stones big and great like for pyramids, for the foundation of God's house.
They began in the fourth year of Solomon's reign, working quietly as a mouse!

A construction site that was quiet? No hammer, or axes or saw?
That sounds like something impossible. I can see now, your dropping your jaw!

But they did all the cutting and sawing, away from God's temple site.
They made it all fit like a puzzle. They had to get everything right.

Of stone the whole temple was fashioned. Overlaid then with cedar wood.
And a house within for the ark of the Lord. He made it the best that he could.

In the special house called the holiest place he overlaid all with gold.
He put gold on the walls and the floors and the doors. What a wonderful sight to behold.

For seven years he built God's house. A temple to worship God in.
Built a house for himself from which to rule, then back to God's house again.

He made vessels of brass, too many to count, then the alter, and table for bread.
All made of gold. Like Moses of old, this Solomon's temple now had.

Other vessels of gold and the candlesticks, like the shewbread table were made.
Then snuffers and bowls, and censers of gold. All else was with gold overlaid.

This ended his work on the temple, but God it could not contain.
A place for worship. We call it God's house, but all heavens are God's domain.

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