Queen of Sheba

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 112
1 Kings 10:1-11:43

It's hard to be wise and wealthy, as Solomon came to be,
without your fame getting around, and soon people want to come see.

You've heard of the Queen of Sheba. Well, she heard of the great Solomon.
He's too wise to be real. I'll test him. She packed up and said, It'll be fun!

I have some hard questions to ask him. I'll impress him with my massive store.
To Jerusalem she came, with a very great train. I'll show him that I have more.

So Solomon answered her questions. To Solomon all things were known.
The queen shook her head as she heard what he said. This guy is like a smart phone!

She looked at the food of his table, his servants, the clothes that they wore.
They told me that God gave you wisdom and wealth, but God has given you more.

I believed not the stories they told me. Your legend seemed bigger than life.
But all of it's true, as I sit here with you, and your wife, and your wife and your wife.

But that was just the beginning. He exceeded all kings of the earth.
Silver like stones in Jerusalem, and wisdom, how much was that worth?

All kings made their journey's to Jerusalem, to hear his words that were wise.
They brought gold and jewels in abundance. Just to hear him talk was their prize.

But Solomon loved many strange women. Some came from nations abroad.
Nothing wrong with someone from somewhere else, unless they don't want God.

He had seven hundred wives. With others a thousand in all.
With that many women to try to keep happy, you'd have to own you own mall!

As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart, from dedication to God.
He went after idols and turned from the path, that David his father had trod.

I warned you said God to Solomon. I will punish you. I have decided.
When your son takes your place, he will rule without grace, and Israel shall be divided.

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