Abraham And Isaac

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 011
Genesis 22:1-Genesis 23:20

Abraham came from a country where people made idols of stone.
How could these be the creator? They can't even stand up alone.

He knew these were not the real God. But the real God he wanted to know.
And for that God came unto Abraham, and told him the way he must go.

Get up from your land and your family to a place that is far, far away.
Abraham believed and followed God. He was learning to obey.

It was hard when God told him and Sarah, that Sarah would have a child.
To believe that a grandma could have a son was a stretch that was far more then mild.

Abraham had some trouble with faith. Just as all of us tend to do.
But through years of learning to trust in God, he believed what God said is true.

And now it was time for the ultimate test.
This one would be harder then all the rest.

Take your son, your only Isaac, to Moriah and sacrifice him.
Would Abraham do it? Could he obey? Kill Isaac or not? Which was sin?

How could he kill, his beloved son? Who would have this kind of faith?
Would he question God's word? Would he do what God said, or say God has made a mistake?

The next morning early Abraham rose and took Isaac who carried the wood.
He said we will travel and offer to God. Offer what? Isaac misunderstood.

When they came to the place God said offer your son, Abraham started to slay,
his beloved son Isaac on the altar they built. He was willing to obey.

But the angel of God said stop Abraham. Isaac will not be killed.
Instead of his son God provided a ram and said, Abraham with you I am thrilled.

You saved not your son but believed in my word, now through you I will bless the whole earth.
Abraham knew if he slew Isaac there, God would raise him. Abe proved his faith's worth.

And so still today we know Abraham as, the father of all who believe.
And through this great man, God gave us his Son, a Savior, by faith we receive.

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