Abraham And Ishmael

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 010
Genesis 21:1-Genesis 21:34

The time was fully come, God promised Abraham a son,
It seemed impossible, 'cause Sarah could have none.

Sarah thought, I'm old, and laughed,
Yet God made it come to pass.

Isaac born! Yes sure enough.
But that made life real tough,

Ishmael was Hagar's son, and that of Abraham.
While Isaac was still young, Ishmael would be a man.

As a young teen Ishmael, mocked Isaac at his feast.
Sarah saw this and was angry, to say the very least.

She said Abraham my husband, do you see this Hagar's son?
I don't want him in my home. Get rid of that woman.

This made Abraham real sad.
At a feast you should be glad.

Abraham, he was a dad
to two sons that he had had.

He loved them both as you can guess.
How did he get in such a mess?

Remember when God said, I'll give to you a son?
But they questioned God's promise. How can this be done?

Abraham and Sarah, thought they knew better then the Lord.
They made a son up their own way, not trusting in God's word.

Now a time of great delight,
turned into to an awful fight.

Abraham wondered what to do.
God said listen. I'll show you.

I know you love your Hagar son,
but like I said he's not the one.

Still I'll bless and make him strong.
He's your son, though you did wrong.

Let him go with Hagar too.
Send them away. That's what to do.

I'll care for him and make a nation,
since he too is your creation.

But in Isaac shall my promise be.
This time Abraham, wait for me.

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