Isaac's Wife

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 012
Genesis 24:1-Genesis 24:67

She can make or break your life, the wrong or right wife, and Isaac's getting old enough for his.
So Abraham called his servant, the eldest in his house, said I have a job and this is what it is.

Go into the land, from where my family came, and find a wife who's fitting for my son.
The servant said he would, but it really scared him good. How was he to know to find the right one?

So he packed up ten big camels, to carry his whole camp, and all the food and water for the trip.
He set out to the east as he rode atop the beast, praying God would help provide him with a tip.

He prayed, Lord when I need water and that very special daughter comes out to the well with all the daily crew.
And I ask her for a drink, now Lord tell me what you think. Could she say yes and here is for your camels too?

Before his prayer was ended there came a fair young maid, a lowering her pitcher in the well.
The servant ran to meet her as he called out loud to greet her. Was she the one? He really couldn't tell.

When he asked her for a drink near before that he could blink she said yes and I will give your camels too.
I'll draw 'till they quit drinkin' just imagine what he's thinkin' Praise Jehovah, this is too good to be true!

He just sat and watched her draw, then she said and we have straw. When they've drunk come home and we can let them eat.
Well if he wondered much before he needn't wonder any more. She said rest yourself we'll give you bread and meat.

The girl was named Rebekah and Laban was her brother. They both brought the servant to their mother's house.
Then he told them all the story about Isaac and God's glory, and how Abraham had sent him for a spouse.

Rebecca joined him with her damsels. They all rode upon the camels as he brought her back to Abe and Isaac's home.
So Isaac and Rebecca loved each other at first sight. Now the two of them will never be alone.

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