More Giants

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 105
2 Samuel 21:1 - 2 Samuel 21:22

As David reigned a famine came. Three years with little to eat.
Lord, have we done wrong? Are you punishing us, to take away our meat?

The Lord said, Saul and his bloody house, they killed those called Gibeonite.
Well what should we do, inquired David. To make this wrong thing right?

The Gibeonites said, we want no gold, no revenge of Israel's land.
Just give us of those, who committed this crime. They will pay for it by our hand.

So the famine ceased in Israel, but the troubles did not end.
The Philistines came back to fight, with giants once again.

One they called Ishbibenob, with spear that'd make normal men burst.
He tried to kill king David, but Abishai brought him down first.

And another one came. His name was Saph. He didn't last too long.
Sibbechai met him in battle, and Saph found he wasn't so strong.

Then the brother of Goliath, with a staff like a weaver's beam,
came to fight Israel, but Elhanan again made Philistia scream.

And finally another battle, with a giant who'd fall like before.
He had twenty-four digits, twelve fingers and toes, and what good did it do to have more?

He defied Israel like Goliath, and Jonathan, nephew of the king,
did to him what his uncle David did, to Goliath with only a sling.

So four more Philistine giants, fell in battle. Their warring was done.
And now you know why David, brought five stones instead of just one!

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