David Is King Again

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 104
2 Samuel 19:1 - 2 Samuel 20:26

Absalom now was dead and for him David did morn.
But he had stole David's kingdom. Why are you so forlorn?

Joab, David's captain was unhappy with this grief.
You're loving your enemies more than your friends. Don't cry for your son, the thief.

Arise and thank your servants, for fighting by your side.
Don't make them feel they've failed, 'cause your rebel son has died.

So the king arose and returned, to Judah, the land of his birth.
But what of the men of the other ten tribes. Does he think we have no worth?

Then Israel came to the king. To Judah you have returned.
There are two tribes here, but we are ten tribes. Your kingship have we not earned?

Judah said, but we are his brothers. Israel argued, we're ten to your two.
We should decide where the king will live, but Judah was stronger, 'tis true.

Then an evil man named Sheba, saw an opportunity.
If David stays in Judah, the rest come and follow me.

So Sheba blew a trumpet. Israel followed him that day.
But David knew then, he said gather my men. Don't let him get away.

Joab's men went out after Sheba. They found him in Abel, a town.
They encamped against the city, and intended to tear it down.

A wise woman cried from the city. You intend to destroy us all.
To what end do you come to destroy us? And why will you cast down our wall?

Sheba has risen to fight with our king. We will stop him to fight no more.
Deliver him now, and you shall be safe. No longer will we make war.

The wise woman returned to the city and told them what Joab had said.
They seized wicked Sheba and killed him, and showed Joab he surely was dead.

So Joab and David's army withdrew from Abel that day.
And the kingdom returned to David. Where God said that it should stay.

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