David's Song

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 106
2 Samuel 22:1 - 2 Samuel 23:39

As David grew old he was given a name, this mighty defender and king.
But this name was neither mighty or ruler. This came 'cause he made people sing.

The sweet psalmist of Israel was the name that they gave,
to the king who through God was mighty to save.

My rock and my fortress, David wrote of the Lord.
In Him will I trust, for He keepeth His word.

Though hell should surround me, to Him will I call.
He defeated my enemies. He saved me from Saul.

The afflicted you saved. The haughty you crushed.
The wicked you punished and scattered like dust.

Because of His mercy I give thanks unto God.
He's a tower of salvation. His staff and His rod.

You protect me and comfort. By you I am fed.
From my men of valor the enemy's fled.

The Philistines assailed me. Before me they fell.
My men brought me water from Bethlehem's well.

The mightiest of valor, thirty-seven in all.
Though you gave strength to men, on you we would call.

I love you my God, my salvation and sword.
What a life you have given. I will worship my Lord.

The folks sang God's praises, in the songs David penned.
The sweet psalmist of Israel, blessed us all without end.

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