Saul and His Sons Die

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 096
1 Samuel 31:1 - 2 Samuel 1:27

Now the Philistines fought against Israel, while the men of Israel fled.
The Israelites ran to the mountains, and three of Saul's sons were now dead.

The archers lifted their bows in the air. King Saul was hit with a round.
Kill me now, Saul called to his armor boy, but the lad would not slay the crown.

So Saul fell upon his own battle sword. No Philistine would take his life.
His armor boy saw that his king was no more and he fell on his own battle knife.

The Philistines hung Saul's body, and those of his three sons,
on the wall of Bethshan to show all the land their might, and what they had done.

But valiant men of Israel, heard what they did to Saul.
So they traveled all night, and before morning light, took the bodies down from the wall.

While all of this happened King David was fighting Amalekites.
He beat them in battle, returned to Ziklag, where he spent two days and two nights.

On the third day a man came with news, that Saul and his sons were dead.
Are you sure? Yes I am said the young man. With clothes rent and earth on his head.

You see as I happened by Saul, he was hurt and leaned on his spear.
Please kill me he said. So I slew him quite dead. His crown is now with me here.

David fasted 'till evening and mourned, for Saul and Jonathan his son.
He called the young man, said you've slain God's king, now you must bear what you've done.

Then David lamented for Saul with a song of grief and praise.
His best friend Jonathan, slain the same day, it would grieve David all of his days.

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