Goliath Challenges Israel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 085
1 Samuel 17:1 - 1 Samuel 17:39

King Saul did not know of David. The shepherd God chose in his stead.
God had made David king, but David would wait and not reign until Saul was dead.

In the mean time God troubled king Saul. His servants said you need a break.
Find a man who is cunning at playing the harp. Let him play when you're mean as a snake.

So Saul sent out his servants, to find such a man who was cunning at playing the harp.
Then answered one, I know of a son, of Jesse. This guy's really sharp.

He is valiant and prudent, a good looking guy. Knows music like Mozart and Brahms.
Well bring me this man. Don't just stand there and yap. Maybe we could get him to write Psalms.

David came and Saul love him. He played on his harp, and carried the armor of Saul.
But all was not peaceful. The Philistines attack, with a soldier some nine feet tall.

You remember Goliath the giant. He was mean and sure of his might.
He yelled, send me a man, who can fight if you can. If I loose you win the whole fight.

The armies of Israel just trembled. The Bible says, they were dismayed.
That means there was no one to fight with a giant. All soldiers was greatly afraid.

While Saul was fighting in battle, young David was sent back to dad.
His three older brothers fought at Saul's side, but David was only a lad.

Then Jesse their father as fathers will do, said bring your brothers some bread.
David did. He went to the battle. Saw Goliath and heard what he said.

Who does this giant think that he is to defy the armies of God?
Saul laughed, but you're only a shepherd. No sword, just a staff and a rod.

You're a boy, Saul said unto David. He has armor and muscles to spare.
But God will use me to fight him, like God did a lion and bear.

Well then go and fight with the giant. Here's my armor, my helmet and sword.
But David said, no. With them I can't go. My shield is Jehovah our Lord.

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